Re:Thanks for everything

And I still remember that time when we were both watching the sea of Oriel, after you showed me the house you want on Pearl Cove Village. You talked about the current that resembles our life. Where will we be, some years later? Heheh…

Thanks to you for everything that you have done, for whatever we have done together as Team Phura. You know that AION is my escape from reality… and with you there… made me feels like home, where I can enjoy being myself and able to forget my problems for awhile.  (Sounds like drug, aye? It is…)

Sigh… I’m going to miss Ayingott’s laughter so much. Don’t worry I’ll keep your properties until you be back, I know you will… or… I hope…

God bless aaaand… I love you too.

Selera modern bernuansa tradisional

Awalnya hanya iseng browsing YouTube, buat referensi nge-update playlist… eh nemu grup music yang ‘Epic’,  Yoshida Brother yang dengan keren maenin musik rock pake alat musik tradisional Jepang, Shamisen. Dayum…

Well… kayaknya mainin musik rock pake alat musik tradisional itu asik ya. Kurasa ini yang namanya transformasi budaya akibat terjadinya akulturisasi. Selain bisa mengangkat ciri khas budaya, juga sekaligus menjaga suatu kesenian supaya tidak ditinggalkan dan akhirnya punah.

Selain Yoshida Brother dari Jepang, ada juga Bad Piper, pemusik dari Australia yang pandai mainin musik rock pake alat musik tradisional Scotland… bagpipes.

Coba kalo ada yang seperti si Bad Piper dan Yoshida Brother itu di Indonesia, maennya pake talempong ato saluang.