When there is will, there is flying dutchman

(not really, the curse has been lifted on the fifth movie of PoTC)

Not mine, took the pict from google
Two weeks I’ve been living in new habitat, still haven’t do any huge breakthrough. Still shedding skin I used to survive the old town that doesn’t fit anymore, it just restrain my growth. The decision to move to Bali was quite in a rush, didn’t make enough preparation. Just felt it’s the last chance I have, now or never, bought a flight ticket for the next month and finish some responsibility in the mean time. There are actually some projects that I want to do before my departure but i had become to stiff to move, can’t even start them. One of the thing I want to start is blogging again. Since the last blog post, I’ve been trying to write. They’re only end up as draft tho, and most have trashed away. I want to post at least monthly but I’ll do as much as I can and they’ll be in English. Not because of ‘sok keminggris’ but because I need to practice my English. A lot. My grammar is still sucks. Wish me luck! Well… not luck. Perseverance xD I supposed to do this many years ago. I hope I’m not too late.

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